Quick Change in Venue Brings Success

It is every organisers nightmare to find that your chosen conference venue has to be changed. However, with a few months notice, this need not be a problem. Yet if you only have two weeks to find alternative meeting and overnight accommodation for 150 delegates it becomes a major issue! That was the situation facing an ASL client in September when the conference centre that had accepted the event booking a year before suddenly reneged on the deal.

ASL Director Rob Oliver takes up the story; “When we heard the news we jumped in the car and had a possible alternative available within 24 hours, when this one eventually fell short on a couple of key areas we were able to come up with another venue within 20 miles of the original one and the deal was done by the close of the second day after the news broke. The conference itself went off without any major hitches and in fact was marked out as a big success! However, it is not an experience we would want to repeat”.

The head of the client’s organising team paid thanks to his volunteer helpers and praised his paid helpers for the “focussed and diligent work by the ISTC admin team from ASL ….”