Other Services

Whilst not always available to all industries, there are sometimes a number of specialist services to consider. ASL have proven experience in accessing some of the specialist services highlighted below.

Opportunities include:

  • HMG and EU funding for association projects
  • Company grant access advice
  • Fostering trade association collaboration
  • Affinity services
  • Trade exhibition management
  • Industry programmes

Feature Specifics

  • Not all (if any) services are available to certain industries
  • ASL are able to research into funding/benefit availability for an agreed fee

Core Benefits for members

  • Gain access to a number of possible grants which could aid the members’ step onto the global stage
  • Benefit from advice services which could aid in accessing Government subsidies and support

Core benefits for your association

  • Offer an extremely high-quality service to your members
  • Work closely and build relations with HMG and EU bodies

Why ASL?

With our existing ties with HMG and experience in procuring funding for associations and their membership, ASL are the proven choice when looking towards Government initiatives.

To find out more information about how we can help your association, please contact us on 0208 253 4500.