Why choose an AMC?

Association Management Companies (AMCs) are specifically geared towards serving the needs of non-profit and trade organisations and professional groups. We understand that our clients may often have limited internal resources and work towards ensuring these are utilised as efficiently as possible whilst still driving the day-to-day operations and working towards the goals of the group.

AMCs are designed to offer these specialised services through two primary models:

Full Service offers just that. All operations are handled by the AMC including (but not limited to) services such as membership, marketing, policy development and governance in addition to offering a full office environment you would expect if you invested in an office of your own (staff, IT, physical address etc).

Outsourced Delivery consists of support in one or more areas of operations for the client. Including membership, meetings, trade shows, regulatory advice, and certification amongst many other services. This could be in support of an existing structure/office environment.

As an AMC provides a centralised office for several clients, any overhead and many other costs can be shared across the company and its clients, increasing various resources for the client – financial benefits are gained from leveraging shared resources and buying power is increased; skilled staff are available and specialists can be drawn from the AMC personnel pool on-demand. Office and employee management hassles are also no longer an issue which ensures member and board time is freed up, ensuring them to focus on the core mission.

Be sure to ask the right questions when contacting an AMC – download ‘what to include in a request for proposal’ RFP Questions.

Want to make the most out of your new Association?

Whether you are looking towards setting up a new association for your industry or are a new start-up, there are a number of challenges to get the ball rolling.

Luckily ASL have a proven track-record in setting up new associations and helping them develop further as they grow, read our case studies here for more information.

contact us, to gain some advice for start-ups (and the questions you should ask an association management company).

Looking to optimise efficiencies and streamline expenditures?

As a small to medium association, you may be looking to find a route to improve your staffing and services. With an association management company such as ASL, you will gain access to an effective alternative to a full-time office? Don’t just take our word for it – find out more here.

ASL hold the support and infrastructure to perfectly suit the needs of smaller associations looking to gain immediate access to skilled staff and hit the ground running. Contact us to find out more.

Looking to access high-value activities for your association?

Larger associations look for more than just the basic services of membership admin and basic accounting. By finding the right association management company, you will be able to access successful, proven support models and dedicated and specialist staff unique to the task required.

Whether you are looking for the ‘full package’ or specialised services, contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.