Update on Lizzie the Bear

As part of our environmental and social commitment, ASL is proud to support and sponsor the care of Elisabeth Rose (Also known as Lizzie) the American black bear.

Since arriving to Forest Animal Rescue at the age of 4 months, malnourished and full of parasites, she has made a tremendous recovery and has now grown to a healthy size.

The Forest Animal Rescue VP describes her as “a real character. Lately she is so spoiled that she won’t eat fish unless it is mahi mahi or salmon. Nothing else is good enough.”

“The 4-acre bear habitat is SO close to being finished! We need to rent a piece of heavy equipment for about a week to move boulders and dens and then we can install the gate and finish the hotwire. We have a tree company that is going to help us wrap the trees closest to the wall with metal so they can’t be climbed (or used as an escape route) – they will need to climb the trees that are more than 10 feet from the walls. This has been an extremely long, expensive project but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

We can’t wait to see them (or probably not see them) in the huge new habitat.”
A number of photos of Lizzie the bear are below – she loves her pool on warm days but is known to hide out in her den and refuse to come outside when it is cold!

The sanctuary, based in Florida, USA, is dedicated to the lifetime care of abused, neglected, confiscated or unwanted exotic animals to prevent them from being destroyed. To find out more about their work or pledge your support, you can go to their website here.