The ANC Make Some Noise with Rebrand

The Association of Noise Consultants (ANC), seeing a need to refresh their online presence decided to take the plunge by reconsidering their brand positioning and member website design.

The ANC supports the voice of acoustics and noise consultants and one key requirement was to modernise the brand and simplify the message whilst at the same time, increasing the reach and impact of the brand. A small, yet dedicated team was formed with two members of ASL on board to offer support and advice.
Throughout the process, it was not just the website that was given a new lease of life. The ANC logo was redesigned and the company began its online communications strategy in earnest with the assistance of Birmingham-based design company OWB-Creative.

Following a deliberative process between the team, the site was officially launched late January and immediately saw positive feedback and results from both members looking to find out more about the site as well as members of the public looking to use the ‘find a member’ function on the site – ensuring members of the ANC gain another avenue for which to gain business.

In order to ensure the website remains relevant and fresh, ASL have ensured that there will be periodic reviews of activities such as reviewing web analytics and social media activities. The impact of the new site and blogs to accompany the new design have already led to a notable increase in user sessions and number of pages visited per session.

If you are looking to review your digital marketing activities or redesign your branding, ASL are able to offer assistance at any level. Please visit our services pages to find out more. To visit the new site and to find out more about the Association of Noise Consultants, please visit