PSSA teams up with the NSCC

The PSSA has been accepted as a member of the National Specialist Contractors Council. The NSCC boasts 32 different trade associations as members – and collectively represents 7,000 specialist contractors. NSCC has contacts in all the key Government departments and is a major influence on issues such as payment, pre-qualification, training and sustainability. They are perhaps best known for their Fair Payment Campaign which has changed industry expectations regarding payment practices, with 30 day payment terms and no retention recognised as the best practice standard. The NSCC also played an important role in the development of the Construction 2025 industrial strategy. It is represented on a number of external bodies, including the CITB, Construction Leadership Council, Industrial Strategy Delivery Group, CSCS (as a co-owner) and the Strategic Forum for Construction.

PSSA Secretary and Managing Director of ASL, Rob Oliver, welcomed the affiliation to the NSCC, “We have developed our representation on Home Office and related bodies on security matters, but as an Association we also have an interest in the wider construction area. We know, for example, that we share concerns about onerous pre-qualification requirements. Teaming up with the NSCC gives us access to a number of forums and areas of expertise that will be helpful to us as an organisations and to our individual members”.

The NSCC also offers a number helplines and services, now available to PSSA members – see


Via its membership of the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC), PSSA members qualify for free access to the following helplines:
Employment: 0844 249 9873
Health & Safety: 0844 249 9874
Legal & Contractual helpline (England): 0844 249 9871
Legal & Contractual helpline (Scotland): 0844 249 9872
Tax & Business: 0844 249 9875
Training: 0844 249 5908
Retention Bonds: 0844 249 5903

Members seeking advice or assistance will need to provide their company name and confirm that they are members of the PSSA.

About the PSSA

The PSSA is the trade association for companies involved in the supply of equipment and services designed to provide the highest levels of physical protection for sites and their perimeters from terrorist or criminal attack that involves the use of extreme force or explosives. Find out more at