Government relations and public affairs Bundle

Gaining leverage with Government to improve industry standards at times can be a time consuming and difficult process. ASL has experience in lobbying and other activities around the development and improvement of various environments.

Key Features:

  • Targeted PR Activities
  • Lobbying of HMG and it’s Agencies

Feature Specifics

  • Requirements to be agreed upon during initial meetings and reviewed periodically.

Core Benefits for members

  • See the benefits within their own companies of changes to business environments.
  • Benefit from being able to take part in activities that may influence the direction of the industry

Core benefits for your association

  • Be known as a driver for change within the industry
  • Forge contacts with appropriate representatives in UK Government departments (inc. BIS, DfT, Environment Agency, Defra, UKTI, TSB, HSE, BSI and others.)

Why ASL?

With experience in working with HMG and its agencies, ASL are more than capable in maintaining positive government relations.