Campaign Bundle

Taking on a new campaign for a single association may lead to the need to hire, train and accommodate extra staff. With an association management company such as ASL, we have the resources on-standby to take on these extra activities

Key Features:

  • Recruitment Campaign
  • Issue Management

Feature Specifics

  • Upcoming campaigns to be discussed in initial meetings with periodical reviews
  • ASL can take on new campaigns in addition to any existing contract

Core Benefits for members

  • Benefit from shorter preparation times and quicker action as skilled staff are always on stand-by

Core benefits for your association

  • Gain access to opportunities to run short-medium length campaigns without the need to hire and train new staff members
  • Conduct recruitment campaigns to increase awareness and membership

Why ASL?

As a long-established association management company, ASL have the resources, staff and knowledge required to jump into any campaigns.