Member Administration Bundle

Members are the lifeblood of an association, ensuring knowledge and resources are available. Ensuring diligent member administration practices are upheld. Administration Services Ltd have proven systems to ensure that records are maintained accurately and applications are handled effectively to provide a professional experience for members.

Key Features:

  • Routine member communications
  • Retaining members
  • Processing Membership Applications
  • Maintaining Membership Records and Database

Feature Specifics

  • Pre-built member database available or other program may be used
  • Communication frequency to be agreed upon before and during tender meetings

Core Benefits for members

  • Effective , efficient database – Proven systems will ensure the membership administration is run effectively and efficiently
  • Constant contact – Members will appreciate regular contact and availability

Core benefits for your association

  • Freeing up further time – industry leadership can focus on the higher-level activities whilst ASL offers support services
  • Greater retention – through contact and effective administration, members are more likely to renew and contribute

Why ASL?

Administration Services Ltd has an established database dedicated towards membership administration. Save on set-up and full-time operational costs with this service.