Meeting Administration Bundle

As a key medium for internal and external communication for an association, it is essential to ensure that a meeting is prepared for and run, effectively. Administration Services Ltd have been arranging formal meetings for clients for over 25 years.

Key Features:

  • Agenda & Minutes
  • Venue Organisation
  • Pre-meeting Documentation
  • Telephone & Video Conference Calls

Feature Specifics

  • ASL are able to handle any, if not all, elements of formal meetings.
  • Gain access to non-compete agreements as required.
  • Telephone and video conference software available both at cost and/or at reduced rates.
  • Travel as agreed upon is possibly both nationally and internationally.
  • Fee estimates agreed upon based on number/length of meetings to ensure fair costing.

Core Benefits for members

  • Access to meetings that are well organised
  • Use of venues fit for purpose

Core benefits for your association

  • Remove the hassle of worrying about legal compliance in meetings.
  • Save time wasted in preparing documents both before and after the meeting.

Why ASL?

Gain instant access to our staff knowledge and experience in ensuring your meetings are successful.