Governance Bundle

If you are finding that your board is unable to dedicate the time towards the governance of the association, ASL is able to supply you with the services to assist in successful operations.

Key Features:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Meetings
  • Insurance Arrangements

Feature Specifics

  • ASL to look into and advise on any potential governance issues on agreement
  • Gain access to non-compete agreements as required for formal meetings.
  • Travel for meetings and events as agreed upon

Core Benefits for members

  • Members will be able to see more activity from the leadership of the association
  • More activity will allow better services and offerings within the association/industry

Core benefits for your association

  • Peace-of-mind that essential requirements within the association are met

Why ASL?

Administration Services Ltd hold over 27 years’ experience in association governance and are aware of all activities required to ensure the successful operation of a trade association.